According to a survey conducted in September 2017, there are about 3.3 million apps in the Android community. This community is making revenue through app downloads and supporting users in many different tasks.

However, developing apps for Android is not everyone’s cup of tea. Android app development demands a sound knowledge of Java programming language, an IDE, installation of Android-specific software, a software development kit, and a virtual device for testing the developed application. And there are many other processes involved before you can even launch your app in the play store. 

Well, talking about the adoption of Android mobile phones and their apps, the numbers speak for themselves, and there is no denying that they have become an integral part of our day-to-day life. We can find many apps for shopping, commuting, learning, information gathering, and much more, and there is hardly any area of our life that is not influenced by these apps.

The Android app developer’s community has brought a colossal shift in how we live, and you will easily find apps relevant to several categories, including education, health, entertainment, sports, and beyond. Besides the recognition, many myths have latched themselves with it, and the new as well as established app developers and appreneurs must become familiar with them and avoid them while developing android apps:

Myths Revolving Android App Development:

Myth 1 – Android Apps Are Cheaper than iOS:

Probably the extremely common misconception about mobile applications is that people expect Android apps to be developed at a lower price as compared to iOS. A developer with the basic knowledge of open sources can develop an Android or iOS app but the process is daunting. As Android devices are dominating the market and it is essential to manage UI across all platforms, developing an Android app isn’t cheaper.

Myth 2 - Adding Rich Features is enough to promote the Application:

There is no denying that building an innovative and faultless app can increase the awareness of your app. But its functionality and features are not sufficient to draw the attention of a wider audience. You need to focus on marketing your app across popular platforms and promote it well through various app development

Myth 3 - Cash Flow starts with App downloads:

People generally develop apps under the impression that app downloads are what will start the cash flow. Sorry to burst the bubble, but it is nowhere near that. See, people might download your app, but it is not what will make you money. The app will start generating money only when the user begins paying money for using the app. Hence, it can be said that the course from developing an app to users paying to use it is far off than it seems.

Myth 4 - Android Apps have a better market within B2C than B2B:

The Android app market of B2B and B2C varies considerably, where B2C is considered to have a broad market and B2B generally has its market targeted only for businesses. And owing to the B2C’s overall demand, fierce competition can be witnessed when developing android apps. Yes, the B2C apps are less expensive than the B2-B apps, but B2-B apps generate more ROI than the B2C apps.

Myth 5 – Your Job is done once the Application is developed

If you’re  thinking that building and launching the app completes your job, then you are wrong. Both Android & iOS app development is a continuous process and there are a lot of other elements to manage. You need to fix the bugs, introduce new features, and update versions according to the needs of users.

Hence, these were some myths surrounding the development of the Android app for which you would need to hire app developers, and there are probably various other myths that would have been linked with the domain of Android app development. However, it is advised to conduct thorough research before developing an app and consult a well-reputed company for your project and expand your business in the right path.

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