It is not unusual for Apple to organise at least three events every year. These events are for various reasons like new product releases, major software releases or something else. Apple has been integrating new features in all their products like iPhone, iPad, etc., in the new models released. The launch of the new OS for the iPhone, iOS 15, was a major update and introduced many new features for the iPhone app developers to take advantage of.

There are more events this year as one would expect, with many new announcements. This article is meant to give you more information on Apple Event 2022 and why it is vital you develop an iPhone app for your business.

Apple Events of 2022

Like every year, Apple has several events scheduled for this year (2022) as well. In fact, there was already one event in March this year where they introduced the third generation iPhone SE. This iPhone has several updates like 5G and the new A15 chip. They also unveiled the fifth-generation iPad Air with the M1 Chip and 5G, a new Mac mini termed as the Mac Studio with an ultra-high end M1 Ultra Chip. They also launched a new 5K display called the “Studio Display” which is a 27 inch display. Here are some of the other events scheduled for this year:

June Event - WWDC

The Worldwide Developers Conference is in June this year. This conference usually takes place early in the month, however, the global outbreak of CoronaVirus affected this event as well. It was a digital event for the last two years. Although most countries have gained control over this pandemic, it is highly likely that Apple may make this a digital event this year as well as a precaution. Apple is expected to introduce a new version of their operating system for several devices like the iOS 16, iPadOS, watchOS 9, tvOS 16 as well macOS13. There are also several rumours that they are planning to introduce several new devices like the Mac Pro, Mac Mini and new iMac.

September Event

The major iPhone event for Apple is usually in September when they launch their new iPhone models. It is expected that they will launch the new iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 in September 2022.

October/ November Event

There is often a second event during fall, specially for the Macs and iPads. This year too, there is a high probability of a second event to launch the updated MacBook Air and its AR/VR headset, of which there has been a great deal of hype.

There are several other devices that are in the making, like the Foldable iPhone, low-cost iPad, AirPods Pro and Apple car; however, it is unlikely that they will be launched this year.

Top Features of New iOS Release

The most recent major iOS release was iOS 15. This is available for all users, and there have already been several point releases as well. Some of the key features of iOS 15 include the revamped notification feature, new design to reduce distractions, spatial audio, SharePlay in FaceTime calls, text recognition in images, ID cards in the wallet app, and redesign of Safari, maps, weather and notes app. Listed here are some of the main features of iOS 15:

  • Apps can have larger icons, and the photos can beaded to contacts as well.
  • Instead of regular updates, which can be distracting, it is now possible to set up a summary of the notifications that can be set to be delivered at a specific time rather than randomly.
  • A new feature, ‘Focus’ was also introduced that allows you to filter your notifications and apps. It allows users to set their own preferences like work hours, bend time and set up the appropriate notifications at pre-set hours.
  • The updated ‘Map’ app provides users with a 3D view of the cities now with high detail. For example, it shows details like pedestrian’s crosswalks, bike lanes, showing buildings, etc. It shows the roads in more detail, along with transit features and AR walking directions.
  • The new audio features include voice isolation and Spatial Audio for Facetime Calls. FaceTime now allows support for Portrait mode and a new grid view as well. SharePlay allows users to share media during a FaceTime call and also generate shareable
  • A revamped Weather app provides a graphical representation of the weather data, full-screen maps, dynamic layouts and more.
  • The ‘Live Text’ feature allows users to recognize text in photos and search for highlights. It also allows users to copy. Users can perform spotlight search photos by location, people, scenes, objects as well as text. This feature can be used in many ways for web image search and to obtain good results for search for actors, musicians, TV shows, and movies.

Users can take advantage of enhanced privacy. This includes processing of Siri features, Mail privacy protection and more.

Significance of Developing an iOS App for your Business

The Apple App Store has the most number of apps after Google Play Store. There are more Android devices than iPhone hence this makes Android the ideal choice when planning to develop an app. However, from a business perspective, the iPhone is the ideal choice with better quality and more secure apps. Apple is a major brand with many devices like the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iMac, MacBook etc.

More people are opting to use Apple products since they are more secure, offer better performance and are stable. iOS is meant exclusively for Apple devices like iPhone, unlike the Android OS since there are many different types and brands of Android devices. There are many reasons why you need to develop an iPhone app for your business:

  • It offers robust security to users, making your apps less vulnerable to security threats, malware and viruses.
  • There is a large user base for the iPhone worldwide making it ideal for businesses.
  • It offers impressive UI/UX and ensures high performing apps.
  • This is the ideal platform to develop scalable and safe mobile applications.
  • Some of the key factors in its favour are data privacy, user privacy and a strong brand value.
There are several statistics that suggest the same:
  • As of the 3rd quarter of 2020, there were 1.95 million apps on the Apple App Store.
  • There are approximately 500 million visitors to the App store every week and they spend 33 minutes on an average every month.
  • More than 30,000 new iOS apps are released on the App Store every month.
  • Consumer spending on iOS in 2nd quartered 2021 was 71%, while that on Google Play was 29% in Australia.
  • In 2020 quarter 1, again, 29% of consumer spending was on Google Play while 71% on iOS in Australia.
  • There are over 6.3 Billion smartphone users worldwide.
  • The revenue generation from mobile apps is expected to be $935 Billion by 2023.

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