Best 5 ways to increase your Shopify sale

Post date: 21, Jan 2020
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The simplicity and extensibility of Shopify serve to make it the best tool for a new online business- or an established one. With over 1 million businesses on Shopify, it drives a sizeable portion of e-commerce traffic on the internet. A global solution, with customers in over 175 countries, a Shopify store is an essential to the overall online presence of a manufacturer or merchant. However, this very same ease of creating a store on Shopify has led to immense competition, making it difficult to stand out amongst the chaff and grow your online business amongst the many similar competitors present.


The most important metric of success in the quickly enlarging retail industry is growth. In fact, there are many Shopify experts that offer this as a service in Australia. This article offers insight into the methods and patterns of growing your online store and advises you on the best ways to multiply your traffic.


1. Go Mobile

Its increasingly likely that the average customer is using a phone, not a computer. Mobile devices are responsible for more than 50% of online traffic and sales from Shopify customers. This is not a market that can be ignored. You can make your storefront responsive and snappy on mobile, fast to load, and with optimized graphics, using the assistance of a Shopify expert in Australia. Having a site that is pleasant to use on mobile will incentivize casual visits that are more likely to result in a sale over time.


2. Stock a wider variety of products

There are many advantages to an online storefront, the chief one of them being economy of space coupled with the ability to successfully market to and identify a very unique demographic. By using these two abilities in conjunction, a new product or product category is simple to integrate into stock, typically just being an extra shelf or two of storage. However, this can result in a large number of new users that are there only for the new product, but might just become a regular purveyor of the rest of them!


3. Offer free trials and discounts

No one can resist free stuff, and you can use this to maximum effect to capture new customers and drive unique sales. Discounts incentivize impulse buys and trigger a psychological need in customers to purchase items at a bargain. A good developer can help you seamlessly integrate coupon codes with different needs and specifications, accomplished with Shopify plus. Look for a Shopify plus partner in Australia to integrate this into your storefront.


4. Retain and reward your loyal customer base

The majority of revenue comes from returning customers. It is important to reward customers for their loyalty to your store by making them feel extra special. Take a second to consider- when was the last time you bought something from a completely unknown brand or company? Isn’t the majority of your purchases from brands you know?
By sending emails for coupons, handwritten notes with orders, and freebies for repeat orders, customers feel extra special and show their appreciation with sales and shares- both equally important.


5. Run giveaways

By leveraging the social media reach and influence of a loyal customer base, one can run giveaways to increase reach and buzz about a store. At the cost of one free product, the return can be 100x or more, resulting in hundreds of eyes and impressions. Giveaways are a powerful tool to drive growth and spread your customer base.


With a meticulous application of these tactics and an appreciation for your customers, you can turn your fledgling Shopify store to a powerhouse of the e-commerce industry. Shopify experts in Australia are experienced in implementing these methods and can streamline the process from a big headache to a matter of a few afternoons, and clearly outline the steps along the way.

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