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There are more than six million apps on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store combined. If you want your app to stay ahead of the rest, you need to give it a name that can resonate with the target audience. This can be done in many ways- the name can highlight one of the many features of the app or be catchy enough for anyone to remember. Here are a few guidelines for you to see how you should proceed with the naming of your app.


How to choose an attention grabbing app name


Pick an Easy to Remember Name which has the potential to become a brand


You need to have a brand name that can be easily understood and remembered by everyone, irrespective of age, ethnic background or other socio-economic indicators. The name should be short and easy to remember and pronounce, a long name would only put off people. For example, ‘MyGym’ can be a good name for an app, whereas the Gym Fitness app can become too generic and hard to remember. The name should be easily searchable on Google.


Try to describe the app in the name


The name of the app should be enough for the prospective user to download it.  If you are making a gaming app, you can use adjectives like speed, strategy, arcade and many others. A subtle hint of the working of the app is enough for people to understand what the app is about, You can take the help of online dictionaries to choose a fitting name for your app.


Use Suffixes and Prefixes


To give the name of your business a truly unique feel, you can add a prefix or a suffix that can create a unique name for your business. This can include creating a mix of two or more words that can describe a service, just how we have apps like Mashable, Shopify, Spotify, and many others. You can use your creativity to add the ‘ify’, ‘insta’,’sky’,’drop’ and many other prefixes to a variety of words.


Use a misspelled word


If you are running out of options, or if most of the names that you have thought of being taken, you can think about using a misspelled word that can closely resemble the theme that the app is based on. Some notable examples of this type of naming include ‘Google’, ‘Lyft’, ‘Tumblr’ and ‘Etsy’.


However using this method may mean that people would not be able to search it on search engines well, especially if they have only heard about the app and do not know that the name is misspelled. If you are still confused with the naming of the app, you can check this website which gives you many options to choose from.


Using a combination of words


Generally, the generic words are almost always taken. So the next option you have is to use a combination of words that gives rise to a unique word for your app. Some examples of this are Instagram, Bitmoji, and others. You can take a part of each word and combine them to make a single word that will resonate with your audience.


Using the power of numbers


There are many numbers that you can use. However, using numbers can become quite tricky if you do not use them well. The main idea is that the number used should mean something. As a rule of thumb, numbers like 180, 360,90 and 24 do mean something. You can add these to the name of your app. Some notable examples include Xbox360, Office 365 and Bet365.


These are some of the ways you can name your app. There could be others, or if your app is not getting the kind of response with the name you have first given it, you can change it whenever needed. You just need to come up with a radical idea that can reimagine the way people use apps. Such an app can be made here in Australia. We ensure that we can do the best mobile app development here in Melbourne and in all other places across Australia. 

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