A Complete Digest to the Latest Web Development Trends of 2018

Post date: 25, May 2018
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The websites is a technology that never went out of fashion even after the introduction of superior technology. The web technology has advanced on its own with the help of latest development languages and the compatibility of the latest features. There are many trends such as UI/UX design, development language selection, frameworks, and latest tools that have been evolved with time.


Website Design - A Complete Digest to the Latest Web Development Trends of 2018


It is also believed that the web technology is bound to bring more staggering improvements next year. Even still there are many discoveries that have helped the developers to bring some trends in the web development sector in the current year 2018. There are many UI/UX enhancements and new frameworks in web development sector that have been introduced in 2018 that have set a trend in the domain. Here is a detailed description of each web development trends that have been introduced in the year 2018.


Single-page Website


The websites have integrated to such a compact level that the website contents and services have ended up in just one page. The single-page websites are relatively easier to design and develop since there are only a few contents and design fields to put in place. Hence these types of websites are becoming quite popular amongst many organizational and informative websites.


Website Notifications


The website notifications are the new features that have been perfected by the proficient use of JavaScript. The notification allows the user to keep track of the ongoing process on the website which makes it extremely user-friendly. This is an extremely helpful tool for engaging customers with the new and latest services that you are providing through the website. The implementations of these notifications are easier and faster.




Since its introduction HTML5 have become extremely popular amongst developers since the use of HTML5 is easier compared to other scripting languages. The HTML5 has empowered the developers to develop web pages that are much efficient and faster than the flash website. The HTML5 is a media-friendly scripting that allows digital content such as videos, audios, gifs, etc.




The chatbots are now more important than ever since it has taken the duty of the customer support efficiently. The users can interact with the chatbot at any time, without having to continuously maintain a customer service department. The websites that are majorly self-sustained can use chatbots to answer the most common questions and can redirect customers to information or web pages, or even help them complete a transaction.


Progressive Web Applications (PWA)


The progressive web applications have started to take place in native applications since it requires no download and even still it can perform all the operations of a native application. This factor has made the PWA famous amongst developers and users equally. The PWA is predicted to reach new milestones in the year 2018 which will provide a personalized experience to the user.


Motion UI


The UI design of the website has been a priority for several development companies. The designers can now employ various tools for designing the website that can give the website an impressive look. The motion of the UI has also been a major trend this year where the designer can include easing, superposition, cloning, obscuration, parallax scrolling, matching, and games on dimensionality on the website.


There are surely many web development trends that have been introduced this year, but these trends are creating the most effective in the development of websites. There are lots of companies but you can hire Vrinsoft as it offers best web development in Melbourne. If you are a web developer then you can employ these development trends that assure the qualitative development of your website.


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