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It is vital to take your business online in order to connect with the mass audience and make your product available online.

However, you also need to understand that the Payment Gateways are the most crucial part of your online store and your Shopify developer will walk you through all the necessary parts so you do not miss out on anything. Now, making your presence online is much simpler, and all you need is a committed and skilled Shopify developer in Melbourne to get the desired results.

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  • Here is a detailed guide explaining the steps that should be taken to add the different payment methods-


  • Step-1

Initially, you will have to login into your Shopify store, to integrate the online payments for the store. Later, you need to click on the settings, and you will find this bar on the top corner of the left side. Click on ‘setting’ to move further.


  • Step-2

Now that you have clicked on ‘Setting’, you will find the option of ‘Payments Provider’ option. You need to click on that to go ahead.


  • Step-3

After you click on the ‘Payments provider, you will be readdressed to the page where you will get different payment options. On your screen, you will find different options like Paypal, Google pay, UPI, third-party transfers, and so on. You may select whatever you want and then scroll down to the ‘Payment Capture’ section.


On the right side of the ‘Payment Capture,’ you will see two options- ‘Automatic capture payment for orders’ and ‘Manually capture payment for orders’ button.


It is always advisable to choose Automatic over manually because manually you might have to wait longer to get your payment, whereas, when ‘Automatic’ is chosen, so when the order comes, the payment will be captured


  • Step-4

After the above step, scroll up and select the ‘Activate PayPal Express Checkout button. Then you will be taken to the website of PayPal where you will have to log in to move further. If you do not have an account, you need to Sign up, and for that, you need to fill in all the relevant details including your name and account details.


  • Step-5

If you have a payment gateway, then check the second area, which says the ‘Third-party provider’ option. Once you choose it, you will be readdressed to the page with a list of all the payment gateways. Then you can choose any you want, ‘Click’ on it.


After you click on the payment gateway, you will be, see a page with some instructions on your screen about setting up the account with that payment gateway and activate the same. While you set up the account, it is essential to copy and paste the ‘Merchant code’ and ‘Secret word’ in the Account information section.


The next section will include various credit card sections, and you can choose any that you want to cover.


The last section will be ‘Test Mode’, which will be helpful for you to simulate failed and successful transactions. If you want to check it, you may select the ‘Test Mode’ option.


  • Step-6

You will see the option of ‘Alternative Payments Methods’ you can ‘Choose Alternative Payments’, and you will find the list of alternative gateways. Here you need to choose the payment option and payment providers.


Now fill in the details by signing up to the chosen gateway, as you have done before.


Lastly, you will see the ‘Accepted Information Section’ so select the one you want and click on Activate.


  • Step-7

This is the step if you want to choose a Manual payment gateway. You can choose Cash on Delivery (COD) or account transfer or any other if you require. Select the suitable one for your business, and you are good-to-go.


These were the steps to be followed to integrate the payment gateways in your Shopify store. You can also ask the Shopify developer in Sydney to help you out with the payment integration. Hence, ensure that you have hired the trusted Shopify experts in Australia to set up your online store successfully.

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