The phrase “Content is King” has been around for a long time. It refers to the importance of a content creation plan when creating a digital marketing strategy. However, it does have a broader reference as well since it is content that drives the Internet and content that influences the minds of people all over the world.

It is also not uncommon for many websites and individuals to take advantage of this and post fake content that has a big impact which suggests all types of content needs to be treated seriously. It is also something that all companies can capitalize on.

Good content is one that does not have any grammar or spelling mistakes. But that’s not all it also needs to have accurate & relevant content, one that grabs the attention of the audience. This article explains why there is still a high demand for good content and how a good digital marketing company like Vrinsoft can help make a difference to your business.

Why ‘Content is King’?

There are many reasons why “Content is King” is true in 2022 as well. One of the main reasons is that content is crucial to digital marketing, as already mentioned. Good creative content is a good method for improving brand awareness, spreading your message, and ensuring help the average consumer to gain more knowledge about the products you’re offering. It helps generate new leads, better website traffic, and ensure more people are aware of your brand and the type of products or services you are offering.

Some of the other reasons why “Content is King” include:

  • It is crucial for building a good relationship with customers.
  • Brand reputation and trust are two factors that play a crucial role in every business; content plays a crucial role in fulfilling this.
  • Content types like step-by-step guides, information articles, visual content, essential tips, brand comparisons, and entertainment blogs are what help gain the attention of the customers, making it a crucial element of any digital marketing strategy.
  • Visitors and audiences are looking for something different; they love change, innovation and to see, read or experience something new. Innovative & creative is key to satisfying your visitors.
  • There are many digital marketing strategies, and good content is vital for almost all of them. In fact, it is crucial when developing an influencer marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is the method of promoting good content on various platforms, including social media, with the help of famous influencers to reach a wider audience.
  • Google is constantly updating its algorithm, and with each update, the importance of content only increases. In fact, Google still likes good quality content, which also plays a considerable role in good page rank.
  • Content marketing costs a great deal less than traditional marketing and is still effective and generating leads.
  • Content is vital to building your online marketing strategy and engaging with the audience. A good content strategy can make a world of difference for any firm.
  • Content is one of the best ways to express yourself and describe our services and expertise. Customers are often looking for something that interests them or something that they can relate to. Designing innovative videos and posting creative articles can help boost traffic to your website and also help generate more leads.
  • Content plays a crucial role at every stage, from creating awareness of the product or service, evaluating the products, making comparisons, influencing decisions, offering promotions and rewarding customers.
  • The best way to increase awareness regarding a product or service is by blogs, videos, infographics, social media posts, etc.
  • Content in the form of case studies, emails, webinars, white papers, etc., are ideal to help visitors evaluate the usefulness of a product.
  • Creating blogs and videos that provide an in-depth comparison of products and services helps consumers make their decision.
  • It is also the best tool for promotion and rewarding the loyal consumers.
  • It is not uncommon for one to come across tons of ads every single day. In fact, it is estimated that the people in the USA view 6000 to 10000 ads in a single day; it is a similar case in other countries as well, including Australia. Hence the key factor in your digital marketing strategy is “content”; since it is good & innovative content that will stand out and benefit your business.
  • This is the ideal method of gaining the trust of the consumers by being creative and unique.
  • It is invaluable to any SEO campaign, besides which using keywords and hashtags can make it more effective.
  • Those who design creative and thoughtful content are able to capture the imagination of the audience and ensure they spend more time on the website or app.
  • It is vital to ensure you gain more exposure on social media and do so faster & effectively.
  • This is the ideal method of making your business more visible to the right people as well as the search engines.
  • The average consumer tends to have tons of questions pertaining to a type of product or service, its usage and applications. Well-designed content that addresses all their questions can give you the upper edge.
  • It is the optimal method of encouraging potential consumers to engage with your business or place their comments.

Statistics & Facts That Suggest Content is King

Content plays a crucial role in developing a marketing strategy. The fact that there is a consistent rise in the sales of mobile devices, internet usage and a number of businesses online stress the fact that a good digital marketing strategy. Here are a few important facts and statistics that suggest the same:

  • 3% of the first changed their content marketing strategy for Australia during the pandemic in 2020.
  • 7% of firms spent 5 to 10 hours each week producing visual content in 2020.
  • 1% of the International firms targeting Australia believe that visual content is essential to your marketing strategy.
  • Share of the budget spent on visual content creation in 2020 by global firms for Australia was 35.7%.
  • 7% of the Internationally firms targeting Australia focus on blog content, while 24.1% focused on Facebook in 2020.
  • 75% of users do not go past the first page of a website.
  • Posting good content equates to real-time marketing to some extent.
  • Blog and other content that the readers can relate to tend to create a bigger impact.
  • High quality and consistent content help build trust and improve conversion rate.
  • Up to 20% of the daily search engine queries are unique.
  • 55% of digital marketing executives believe that content creation is one of the best inbound marketing strategies.
  • The count of blog posts every month tops 80 million.
  • Number of social media users in Australia is 21.45 Million as of April 2022.
  • Facebook user penetration in 2022 is at 44.5%.
  • Online users and Google love good quality content.
  • Accurate information and DIY content is highly popular with online users.

Digital Marketing Agency in Australia

What Does "Content is King" Mean in Digital Marketing?

A high percentage of companies are aware of the importance of digital marketing for their website and mobile apps. Good content plays a vital role while developing a good marketing strategy. The primary purpose of having a content marketing strategy is as follows:

  • Improve brand awareness & search engine ranking
  • Increase customer base and maintain it
  • Generate more traffic and gain new leads.

It is possible to achieve this using various techniques like whitepapers, infographics, eBooks, blogs and social media content.

Good quality content can be defined as unique content that is specially written to target a selected audience based on their demographics to create the necessary impact. It should also be informative and appealing. Besides this, it is also vital that the content is easy to read and structured in an aesthetic manner with the use of images.

Google gives a high weightage to the quality of content, and their recent change in algorithm has made it necessary for all websites to have high-quality content. Several factors affect the ranking of your website, and content is one of them. Search engines and SEO are not the only reason why you need good content. Good and relevant content is also necessary to achieve a better conversion rate and to ensure it is appealing to the visitors. It is the content that helps the visitors assess if the website serves their purpose before browsing some other website.

Significance of Content Marketing?

“Content is King” is closely associated with content marketing and SEO. Content is often associated with written content, but there is more to it than just written content; it also includes video, social media, podcasts, etc.

Content marketing is essentially a digital marketing strategy to make a website more appealing to visitors and gain their attention. It also plays a vital role in helping one retain their audience. This can be articles, videos, etc. A good marketing strategy is vital to increasing your sales, saving money and better consumer loyalty.

In fact, good quality content is the future of digital marketing. Digital marketing consists of several strategies like social media marketing, SEO, OR, PPC, in-bound marketing and content marketing. Content plays a vital role in creating a strategy for all types of digital marketing. Content marketing is essential to build the trust of the audience and answer all their questions. It also helps improve conversion rates and generate leads.

A good example of how effective content is the Swedish Watch Company, Daniel Wellington. They have laid their trust in influencer marketing to promote their brand and are now a $200 Million business. Another good example is Oreo which has used a similar campaign to gain consumer’s attention. GoPro also creates innovative content to market their products, this includes people sharing their videos created with GoPro products which have worked out quite effective for them.

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Company

This is without doubt the digital era where there is an increased reliance on electronic equipment like laptops and mobiles as well as the Internet. Besides ensuring one has an impressive online presence in the form of a website or mobile app, it is also essential to implement the best digital marketing strategy. Here are several statistics that explain the importance of an online marketing strategy:

  • Australia’s population as of January 2022 is 25.93 Million, and the number of Internet users is 23.60 Million.
  • Number of Facebook users in Australia in January 2022 was 15 Million, and YouTube users were 21.30Million, and Instagram at 12.75 Million.
  • Mobile connections as of January 2022 were 31.89 Million.
  • Number of people in Australia using an Internet connection from their mobile devices in 2022 is 19.77 Million, while that in 2018 was 17.7 Million, and in 2015 was 15.99 Million.
  • There are currently 15.9 Million smart homes devices installed IN Australian homes.

The process of creating a good digital marketing strategy is time-consuming and requires a high level of skill. Not every business can afford to devote their resources to this task or hire them. Hiring a digital marketing company is a safe bet for high-quality content creation and the optimal content marketing strategy. Listed here are some of the benefits of hiring a digital marketing company:

  • Businesses can take advantage of the expertise and skills of a talented pool of marketers with sufficient resources to handle all the tasks.
  • It is the ideal method of cutting costs per sale.
  • It means having a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals working on your project.
  • It allows a business to focus on its product or service instead of devoting time to marketing.
  • Digital marketing executives have access to the latest tools and techniques that can help give your business the upper edge.
  • It is the ideal method to boost your business and reduce your spending.

Vrinsoft is a leading digital marketing company in Australia that also provides several other services like web and mobile app development. Our digital marketing effort is focused on ensuring businesses grow and have better exposure. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services like SEO, social media marketing, PPC, content marketing, and more. We have developed over 500 projects for over 200 clients globally. This is an award-winning company with highly skilled and experienced marketing executives who strive to create the best strategy for your company.

With a presence in over 3 countries and the fact that we are trusted by many firms around the world, you can depend on our digital marketing team to develop a high impact solution with the aim of improving your sales and increasing the customer base. Get in touch with us today to give your business a boost with top-notch content creation.


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