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Are you planning to launch your very new eCommerce site or enhance the one you already possess? If the answer to these two questions is yes, then this blog is for you.


We have discussed in detail about the business, the reasons for its increased popularity in the current times, the different kinds of ecommerce businesses and its respective target audiences. Thereafter, we have discussed the steps that you need to follow while building the site, the mistakes you need to avoid during the process and the cost you need to incur for the entire procedure.


eCommerce Development Cost in 2021



  • Introduction to the eCommerce Business and Its Increased Popularity


Technological innovations have brought about a major revolution in the way almost every single sector operates, most particularly the retail market. Originally a traditional brick and mortar process where shoppers would purchase items from the seller, now with the eCommerce model adoption were able to gain access to the products with a few simple clicks that they placed on the site thereby helping the sector to amass huge profits.


Especially, after this recent COVID-19 pandemic, the business has witnessed rapid soar in revenues, with Statista predicting its revenues to become close to around 4.8 billion dollars by the close of 2021. This is due to factors such as added security and convenience that it has provided to shoppers and is committed to provide with the progression of time. Thus, if you are considering setting out on the journey to build your very own online retail site, the time is now.


You should however be aware first about the six major forms of eCommerce businesses, namely,


  • B2B – The business sells goods to other businesses
  • B2C – The business directly sells it goods to the consumers
  • C2C – The customer sells the good to other customers
  • C2B – The customer promotes the products of a business
  • B2A – Businesses sell their products to different state bodies
  • C2A – The individual and the organization interact with one another through modes, mostly online


Having knowledge on these different forms of eCommerce businesses, you need to next research on the target audience you wish to cater. This can be by making a choice from the techniques given below. This will aid your business in propelling ahead.


  • Methodologies You Should Follow to Locate Customers and Services for Your eCommerce Business


eCommerce Development Cost


PEST Analysis – PEST is an acronym for political economic, social and technological. In extremely simple words, a PEST analysis from the eCommerce startup point of view helps you to examine the business scene around you. This is helpful in a situation wherein you may be selling your products or services abroad.


Five Forces Model – This is another model quite recommendable for those setting up an online commerce marketplace. It gives them the ease to research on their competitors alongside helping them to answer different questions about them, which may include, the nature of their business, what makes them different and so on thereby aiding the business to create a unique value proposition for their potential customers.


SWOT Model – SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. In nontechnical language, when we speak about performing a SWOT analysis, we mean, you need to analyze your strengths as well as weaknesses alongside the opportunities and threats that will be in front of you very closely when you enter the market. This will help you to scrutinize the effectiveness of your business plan and idea on the areas where you require working.


Once you have chosen the technique you wish to follow for your online commerce marketplace, you can now go ahead and enter into the consultation stage. This involves a list of steps that businesses need to follow so that they can generate huge profits and gain a huge customer base, side by side. You can gain an insight on the same in the lines below.


  • It is also recommendable to try avoiding some mistakes during the process so that the entire development procedure remains smooth as well as swift.


  • Get in Touch with the Right Company – Getting in touch with a company that specializes in the field of eCommerce Web Development will help you to gain professional insights on building the site and making important decisions thereafter.


  • Create the First Prototype – This is the initial design of the main sections of your site and navigation structure. It is therefore advisable to create the same with content and SEO strategy strictly in mind. This will ensure that each section of your site has the right set of content in them and will save you from situations like future enhancements or costly revisions, to name a few.


  • Find the Features for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – MVP (minimum viable product) in nonprofessional language is a working solution with a minimal number of features present in them. This is to ensure that the site is able to perform the tasks that it has to. Therefore, while building the site make sure to locate these items first. This may include a login form, shopping cart, product sections, and payment integration, among others.


  • Analyze the Strategies You Would Adopt to Market Your Site – Once you are done with the consultation, prototype creation and the feature addition process, it is essential that you jot down on the plan that you wish to adopt for your online store. This includes a well-executed marketing strategy alongside using social media networks, and video marketing, to name a few. All this will aid to bring your business to the forefront of customers.


After strong focus upon these areas, it is also important that you try to answer some important questions. This includes, whether you wish to integrate online services into your current store, or wish to enhance the offerings that you currently offer. Next, the goods or services that you wish to sell your buyers through the site. This will aid you in forming an idea on the services you will require and the processes you might need to follow during the course of building it. Finally, on the range of shipping options that you would provide your customers alongside the payment options. This will facilitate you to locate the right platform where you will build the site on.


  • It is also recommendable to try avoiding some mistakes during the process so that the entire development procedure remains smooth as well as swift.
  • Try to avoid the mistake of following trends when creating a design for your eCommerce site. Instead, place focus on maintaining a strong balance between usability, a visually appealing design and functionality.
  • Make sure that the information of the products and services on your site are clearly visible to the user
  • Ensure that the ideal site loading time is less than three seconds. This is due to the user’s persistence to wait any longer than the aforementioned duration.
  • Provide an intuitive and interactive mobile experience so that customers remain interested in the services you provide now.


Now that you have a good level of awareness about the techniques and the mistakes that you need to try avoiding during the process, let us now inform you about the areas that you need to focus closely upon in order to determine the cost that you have to incur for the overall process.


Country You Avail Services From


Based on the cost of living and the availability of talent, one can determine the overhead costs one needs to incur for the purpose of development. Take for instance; you expatriate the offerings for eCommerce development, the developers here will aid you to get high quality services at extremely low costs.


  • Making Appropriate Hosting Solution Choice


On the choice businesses make between shared or VPS and cloud-hosting solutions as per their requirements as well as their budget, they can get a narrow estimate on the finances that they would have to keep aside for this purpose.


  • Choosing the Right CMS


The CMS you choose for your site depends primarily on the business processes, the target audience as well the inventory management. It is therefore recommendable to make the right choice when setting out on the quest to find a content management system for your online retail store. In case you choose between WooCommerce, Magento or PrestaShop, you would not have to pay anything extra.


In addition to all these areas, other constituent elements that get taken into strong purview to determine the expenses businesses need to incur for eCommerce development include the number of features they add in the site, the technology stack they use, and so on.


Living in an era where it is extremely significant for entrepreneurial setups to remain connected with their customers, it comes as no surprise that eCommerce ventures too need a visually appealing site that can help to drive profits for them. For this purpose, they can consider to Hire eCommerce Developer from Vrinsoft. Being a leading website and mobile app development company, we follow the best techniques and procedures to ensure that the site is able to live up to its expectations and is successful in garnering maximum customers as well as cash-flow, side by side.


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