In this digital age, where customers and businesses are both online, people who stay away from the internet surely miss out a lot of things. Businesses need to adapt to the E-commerce market and take advantage of this growing economy. The mobile app market revenue is reaching at $3 Billion annually in Australia. This is the right time to hire mobile app developer to create a custom app for your business.  

Most companies think about developing a mobile app for their services or goods but don’t know where to start. Creating an app is no small feat and requires time and resources. Business can build their app in three deferent ways: 

  • Employing an in-house development team  
  • Hiring freelancers 
  • Hiring dedicated mobile app development team 

In-House Development Team

Businesses can establish a whole department within their premises to create an app. They need to hire mobile app developers to work in-house for the creation of the app. There are many benefits of this engagement model such as no communication delay, access to expert developer, better insights, etc. However, it is expensive and time consuming. The hiring process is long and it can take substantial amount of expense to set up the department. Most businesses cannot afford this as they have to pay developer salaries and provide other benefits all year around and spend money on infrastructure and bear overhead costs also. 

Hire Freelancer

Hiring a freelance mobile app developer is a good option but to a certain degree. If the app is basic and does not require much work, then a single developer could complete it in time. However, one single developer cannot manage to create the whole app, you need to hire multiple freelancers. In the end, the cost and time management are higher and result might not be suitable. 

Hire Dedicated Mobile App development Team

Hiring a mobile app development team is little bit easier than other options. The mobile app development agencies have portfolio and work experience may be the right fit for your project. They are result oriented and may have worked in a fast-paced environment to provide the best results to the clients in a short time. One of the key advantages of working with mobile app development team is access to wide range of technologies.  

When to Hire Mobile App Developer?

To Expedite App launch

When you are short of time and need to build a mobile app soon as possible, it’s advisable to hire mobile app developer. 

Restricted Budget

If you have limited amount of budget, then it’s better to hire mobile app development team. You can hire a team that can work within your budget. 

Need Expertise

If you need expert in the field of mobile app development, then hiring a development team is a better option. They have teams of expert in every field to help you build a mobile app. 

How to Hire Mobile App Developers?

Find Mobile App Developers Online

In order to hire the best dedicated Mobile app developer, we need to do some research. Do so google search and find companies that worked with technology similar to your requirement.

Check Portfolio and Work Experience

Once you find a team of developers, make sure to check their past work. Find out more about their work experience 

Set up interview and Define Goals

Once you find the right development team, set up an interview with them. Make sure to convey your requirements first. Ask them questions about their experience, working process, turnaround time, etc. 

Select a Team and Sign NDA

Once you find the team, make sure to ask them to sign NDA. It’s for the safety of your company and work deliverables.  

Benefits of Hiring Mobile App Development Team

Expert in the Field

Mobile app development teams are expert in their field. They have years of experience with all kinds of mobile app development. They have trained and seasoned mobile app developers from all around the world. This way, you can have access to a global talent pool. Apart from that, if the project needs experts from other technology, the development team will provide it. This will streamline the work process and ensure a better turnaround time.

Budget Friendly

It costs less to hire mobile app developers than hiring in-house development team. One of the benefits of outsourcing is you need to pay cost by the hours. It means, the payment is based on the total hours of work and that eliminates lots of extra expenses.   

Access to Better Infrastructure

Companies that hire mobile app development team do not need to spend any expenses on infrastructure. The development team already have high tech setup to build mobile app. This allows companies to focus on their core business instead of managing the infrastructure and the overhead costs.  


When you hire a dedicated mobile development team, all the communication goes through the project coordinator. This way, you can be rest assured about open communication channel. Also, mobile app development team requires less training or development, which is helpful for long term project. They will provide a constant update of work process. They also use project management tools that allows employers to check in directly without any interaction 

How much does it cost to Hire Mobile App Developer?

Cost of Mobile app development varies based on the complexity of the app. It’s also dependent upon the type of development team you hire and their qualification, location, experience and other factors. It also depends upon the technology you select like hiring iOS developer costs more than hiring Android app developer.  

If you are looking for a mobile app with minimum features, single interface for customers and users, then you can get an MVP at low cost. The cost of mobile app development depends on several factors such as complexity of app, features required, and platforms.  

If the mobile app has more features, a complex multiple user interface, than it will cost more. For a more feature rich business app, development team needs experts in the field and more time to code.  


It might seem like a big step to invest in mobile app development right now, but in a long run, such apps will be the key to digitalization. People are spending more time online than ever and if companies need to stay relevant, they need a mobile app to represent their brand.  

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