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Post date: 15, Feb 2018
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Mobile app sector has faced a rapid growth in the recent years. Several apps got introduced in those following years. The current count of apps in the app stores is over 5 billion apps that are generating over 60 billion US dollars and is projected to reach 189 billion in the coming years. Mobile apps have now become a necessity along with the mode of entertainment. Developers are using various technologies to build apps that would not only satisfy the needs of users but also catch the intuition of the user.

top mobile app development tools

It is important for the developers to use the latest technology for the development that will give the user a robust and functional app. Many developers use outdated technologies that end up as bloatware in the app stores. Those apps have low functionality and tend to slow down the user’s device and even crash the device in some cases. To prevent this, many development companies are taking measures to choose the perfect technology for app development. Below are some of those technologies that are widely used for mobile app development in Melbourne (Australia), Banglore (India), San Francisco (The USA), and London (UK) who are few of the popular IT hub cities in the world.


Python has gained popularity in recent years in the field of mobile app development. Although python is used for web development, when used with the appropriate framework it can be used for mobile app development. It can be used to develop apps for either platform (iOS and Android). Python got its roots from many other popular programming languages which makes it is easy to learn. Python is great for its scalability and readability that follows across all platforms.


C/C++ is very popular amongst many Android developers. It is known as intermediate-level language. It is the most basic and simple programming language of all. The compiler based approach of C++ makes it an adaptable tool for multiple platforms. It has been around before the Smartphone revolution. C++ allows development on some level to many developers for almost every platform. C++ is helpful in developing games for mobile apps and more.


This object-oriented programming language is the preferred language for Android development. The flexibility of Java helps the developers to re-use the codes in order to update the software. Although Java is useful for Android, it has very fewer applications for iOS development. In spite of that, you can use Java for cross-platform app development. The language is easy to learn and handle, and you can use many open-source libraries that Java offers for your development purposes.


PHP stands for hypertext pre-processor. It is a popular language for web development. PHP is an object-oriented programming language that uses a layered model to help develop mobile apps too. PHP is a simple, faster and open source too. It is also helpful in building cross-platform apps.


Swift is the currently used programming language for iOS development, which was earlier done by Objective-C – a sister language of C/C++. Apple introduced Swift after they felt the need to modernize their development technology. Being new to the development market, Swift swiftly took the iOS development sector by a storm. Swift is less cluttered and much easier to read that its ancestor language – Objective-C. Apple created Swift to work with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, their application programming interfaces for OS X and iOS.

Mobile apps are not only native to one platform. There are apps in the market that is compatible with multiple platforms, known as hybrid apps or cross-platform apps. Hybrid apps are a really great option for start-ups who intend to publish their apps on more platforms rather than just one platform.


PhoneGap is a cross-platform app development tool. It solves the problem of requiring different frameworks to make the app compatible with various platforms by using standard web-based technologies. It allows the app to access the device features like camera and accelerometer. The main advantage of PhoneGap is you don’t need expertise in app development, all that the developer needs is knowledge in web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Xamarin is also a cross-platform app development tool. It offers C# language class library and run-time to develop apps on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows. It is one of the popular languages among developers. Mobile library of Xamarin offers a unified API to access common resource across all three platforms. This, in turn, reduce the development time and cost.


Ruby is an object-oriented programming language. Just like PhoneGap and Xamarin, Ruby is also a cross-platform app development tool. It is the second most popular development language that falls after Java. Ruby uses frameworks such as RubyMotion and Rhodes to build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. It is a perfect language for beginners because it is easy to learn.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to app development. You can opt for the best technology based on your requirement or your client’s requirement. A good choice made for your app development needs can either make your business or break your business. So choose your development technology wisely, Happy development…

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