The energy and utilities industry is amongst the most critical to a nation’s infrastructure, as everything else is completely depending upon it. As oil and gas companies across the globe face tough times due to the rise in prices, intense competition, and needs for new technology, they must adapt to the new times and adopt new technology to continue surviving.

Current Challenges of the Industry

The ever present competition, scarcity of talented resources, and the bottom line are all distinct challenges faced by the Energy industry.

In addition, the utilities industry is seeing tremendous changes due to the lowered costs of renewable energy and the increasing scarcity of raw materials.

How you can benefit with software

OWith the use of software development, we can help every facet of the industry out. Using efficient energy solutions to streamline energy usage, analysing information gathered from sensors to optimise energy consumption and increase safety, as well as software modelling and data analysis for designing gravel packs, all these are in your hands with custom software development.

In addition, ecological benefits like less energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions are both helpful, and serve as valuable selling points to the eco conscious consumer.

Energy and Utilities Software Development Experience

Our Software development experience can help you with

  • Charting for Processing and representing data for further analysis
  • Comparing multiple scenarios in order to determine fault tolerance and chance of errors
  • Simplifying cumbersome custom calculations for surface tension, pressure and gas heat capacity, in addition to mathematical modelling
  • Integration, and communication between devices and equipment to automate processes
  • Device sensors and monitoring
  • Remote management and control of devices

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