How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost in Australia 2020?

Post date: 22, Jan 2020
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How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost in Australia 2020?
You’re probably right here to know about
custom software program development cost. Software development pricing is a vital element for everyone who intends to build something digital. Although, it’s not that simple to estimate its cost. An IT consultant or company should know about software program type, platforms, and properly defined set of features.

In this blog, we’ve tried to present you complete pricing on custom software development services and to explain the key elements influencing the cost.

Firstly we will explain you in brief about custom software. Custom software – is the answer that is especially advanced for a specific user or organization, which is in evaluation with the widely used mass-market software program.

Such a software program is designed to specifically deal with those users’ needs higher than more conventional and considerable off-the-shelf software program can. The custom software program is normally created only for those particular users via a third-party or in-house group of builders and is not packaged for resale.

Average Cost of Software Development:

As per our market research, Mobile and Web Application software’s are more in demand currently. Both the software is roughly divided into three categories depending on their complexity stages:

Basic apps (approx. 500-700 hours): They may be built pretty fast however, their capability is pretty simple.

Medium complexity apps (approx. 700-1200 hours): This software has more complicated features.

Complex applications (1200+ hours): The software of this stage is time-consuming to a developer because of complex architecture, safety matters, a couple of integrations, etc.

In order to more or less count the software development price, it’s important to offer the client with some basic data about the project.

Idea: For example, if they want to create an app like Myntra. So, the client needs to give an explanation for your idea to technical specialists of the organization and that they broaden an MVP for them.

Feature list: It’s critical to discuss some crucial features that have to be implemented. It’s also precise to have the description of every feature (E.g. A map with pins, discover a user’s region, etc.)

Wireframes/Design: Any rough diagram or design from the client if they have.

Reference of the competitors’ apps or websites: Reference helps the client to show developers what features client like and don’t like.

Specification: If clients have some technical specification list.

Software Cost Factors:

There will be some Technical and Non-technical factor which affects the costing of any custom software development. All these factors should be considered and double-checked beforehand.


Modern IT world provides three famous platforms for software development and, of course, the software development price quotation will vary consistent with the platform. Does a client need an Android or iOS app? Or perhaps all they want is a web application? There are a few points that need to be considered.

UI/UX Design:

The layout will become a vital part of software development price breakdown. UI/UX design is capable of enticing users’ interest and interacts with them. Developing design can take quite loads of time depending on a website type and its complexity.


There will be two web application types: Front-end (Client-side) and Back-end (Server-side). Every development language has its own development procedure and time plays an important role in the same.


Quality assurance services are extremely vital to the development process. It’s essential to test every component of the software program so as to prevent any viable bugs. The cost of testing in software development always relies upon the complexity of the project.

There are some non-technical factors that should be considered because they can also affect the final price.

The seniority of Software Developers (Staff Experience):

Software engineers are mostly divided into 3 categories via their knowledge, skills, and running experience. There may be junior, middle, and senior software engineers.

As you understand, software program development hourly rates may also differ relying on the engineer’s level. For a more complex project, more professional engineer you need.

Hiring Option:

Recent IT market provides quite a plenty of possibilities for hiring an excellent software developer. The most popular of them are freelance developers, in-house teams, and outsourcing development companies.

In-house developers or offshore custom software development companies are the most appropriate variants. Choosing one in all these options, you are completely protected and sure about the quality.

Location (Region):

Nowadays there’s a tendency to absolutely different rates on software development depending on a region. For example, the most costly development services are in the US and Australia. However, such international locations as Ukraine provide qualified offerings for less. Let’s look through software development cost in step with hour from unique regions.

Custom software development hourly rates according to region-wise:

How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost in Australia 2020?

Drawing the line, it’s crucial to apprehend that custom software development value estimation is a whole lot more complicated than it appears from the first factor of view. There are quite a few technical and non-tech elements that want to be considered beforehand.