Paramount Tips To Consider Before Developing Your Next Ios Application

Post date: 31, Mar 2018
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Starting with over 800 applications back in 2009, the iOS app store has come a long way since then. There are now over 2.2 million apps on the Apple app store according to the latest survey in 2017. The main factor that differentiates iOS apps with its counterpart the Android apps is the app quality and the design quality. This is the main reason that the iOS applications are able to generate more revenue than Android apps. Factors like this make iOS platform the favourite of businesses who are looking to develop their app for the first time.


Tips To Consider Before Developing Your Next Ios Application


Although Apple reviews all the applications that are looking to be published in the app store, therefore only a few applications make it to the app store. Therefore the iOS application needs to be in good shape before you actually think to publish your application on the app store. And if by any means you are able to get published in the app store, it is not necessary that the application will definitely be successful. As per a survey conducted by Localytics, 24% of iOS users uninstall an app after the single use. Therefore your mobile app truly needs to be exceptional for the sake of your app success.


There are many tips that many successful companies of iOS App development in Melbourne (Australia), Bengaluru (India), and San Francisco (the USA) that are prominent in the development sector use. Below given are some of those few development tips that you should know before you start your next project.


Market Demand


The market demand is the aspect that will help you determine if your app idea is relevant or it can even help you come up with new innovative ideas. The market demand gives you a direct look into the hearts of the user so that you can develop your application according to the new market demand. Hence the application can be successful if you consider the market demand.


Learn Your Competitors


Learning your competitors can give you the upper hand in developing your application. The lacks in the application of the competitors can be compensated using your application, in turn, attracting more users towards your application. The unhappy users of your competitor’s application can also be attracted using the application developed using this strategy.


Weight The Benefits And Costs


The benefits and cost of development are equally proportional to each other. Before you make any investment in your application, you have to think about the benefits that it could reel in. If you will make blind investments in your application, then there are high chances that you might lose that investment. Hence the cost of app development and the benefits should be balanced appropriately.


Use The Latest Technology


Before you actually start developing, you must have access to the latest development technology. In the case of iOS app development, there is the Swift-4 and Xcode 9 IDE that is the current latest development technology. Using the latest technology can help your application be compatible with the latest iOS devices and operating systems. Hence this can be essential to your app success.


Monetization Strategies


Monetizing your application is essential for your business growth. But coming up with the appropriate strategies is also important. If you ask for funds for the common service that they can get for free from other application, then the user wouldn’t pay for the services. If your application is one of a kind then you can set a price for the download. And if you offer special service then you can charge for that particular service rather than every service.


Plan For Upgrades


At the beginning stages of your app development, don’t stuff your application with features. You can start by functional features that are required for the app to startup. And if your application gets the hype that it deserves then you can add other features to your application in the form of updates. But make sure that you publish your updates regularly.


Although Apple is really strict with the policies and development guidelines, this is the factor that makes Apple the owner of the second biggest app store on the planet that is also recognized for the app quality. If you are thinking to invest in an iOS application then it is the best decision that can advantage your business growth. But you have to also consider the above-given factor if you want your next app development project to be successful.


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