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Top 5 Trends in App Development in 2020

App development means the latest upgrades in mobile apps that have emerged in 2022. The mobile app development has been trending this year in Australia. The mobile app domain is the industry that maintains on improving mostly every day. The app developers in Vrinso make sure that the apps are matching with always increasing customer requirements and thus it requires making the necessary changes in the procedure.

So, post a detailed analysis of the mobile app domain, let us go through the top 5 trends in mobile application technology that will make a mark in the year 2020.

1. The Emergence of Beacon Technology:


It is the first-ever mobile app development trend which is important and slowly accepted by institutions like Hotels, Museums, Healthcare, etc. IT is one of those technologies that is used well in locations and surrounding marketing and is very user-friendly as well. Beacons being transmitters that are wireless using Bluetooth technology send signals and thus help in the exchange of information on sales. Below are the Beacon technology trends in 2020.

• Beacon treasure hunting
• AI-enabled chips;
• Mobile payments beacons
• Automated machine learning

2. APM and EMM:


APM means Application Performance Management and EMM means Enterprise Mobile Management. These two have been part of the enterprise mobile application development phase.

• APM – It is the mobile metrics which has been consolidated with Google in the year 2016. It assists in improving the overall performance of the app as it eliminates the snag that slows down the app performance.

• EMM – It is a platform that helps institutions to safely allow mobile gadgets used by employees of the organization to ensure the smooth running of the overall business process and helps in computing mobile. It protects security structure and assists employees to improve their performance as it supports the exchange of data and application on the mobile instruments.

• It consists of below features
• App security
• Maintaining the application
• Managing finances


3. Impact of 5G Wireless Services:


5G technology is among the upper trends in mobile app development. It would be of big significance in the year 2020 and after that. 5G network is mostly recognised because of its speed which is mentioned to be 100 times quicker as compared to that of the 4G network. If we think about the year 2020, there is time for 5G to be in the channel, although by the end of the year 2020, one could expect to experience a move from recently used 4G services to 5G wireless network. But even prior to its representation, the industry specialists are being surely high on the 5G technology. The application of 5G service is not restricted to only speed as it also offers other purposes like Data security, 3D gaming, Speed, Augmented reality, etc. Coming with this wide opportunity of the 5G services, the App Developers in Australia and all over the world would be needed to construct the apps as per the demand such that the user can gain faster network speed for improved performance.


4. The eminence of Wearable Gadgets:


Wearable devices have been there in the market since long as we have seen trackers, smart-watches, fitness bands, smart rings, etc. Each of these wearable gadgets has transformed how we connect to smart devices. Seeing the huge prospective in the wearable gadget market, mobile apps should be designed such that it will support wearable technology. But amazingly, most apps do not come integrated into the wearable devices. Expected wearable trends in 2020 can be increased usage of fitness trackers without a smartphone.


5. Artificial Intelligence:


AI or Artificial Intelligence has attracted the attention of most the people in the past few years with an important advancement in mobile app development. Its fusion with mobile apps has made the apps smarter and saved enough endeavour, time and money for the mobile app development company. The mobile app trends expected of future:


• Interoperability among neural networks
• AI-enabled chips
• Automated machine learning
• AI automated DevOps through AIOps


Although we may see many more such trends, however these are the 5 topmost trends which we will view in 2020.

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