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Are you a web developer? Then you may know the potential of JavaScript in web development. There are many technologies involved in web development such as HTML, JavaScript PHP, and CSS. JavaScript is actually a really important technology widely used for Web Development Company. JavaScript has been a popular choice for developers for a long time. Surely every rookie web developer may have experimented with JavaScript codes. And experienced players may have been using JavaScript to build their best works.


Top Java script Frameworks 2018


Studies show that JavaScript codes are applied in 95% of all websites. Many popular websites that use JavaScript are Google, YouTube, Yahoo, etc. JavaScript offers useful libraries and frameworks for website development. JavaScript is an efficient technology, the project that takes months to complete can be completed in less time. JavaScript is also known for its robust nature, therefore there is no question of safety issues. Along with that, the cost of the development is also less because all the frameworks and libraries are open source and free.


JavaScript has several frameworks that are useful for web development. There are many famous frameworks that developers may know about and may use more often. There are also many useful frameworks that developers actually know very little about.

Below given are some of the frameworks that developers should often use.


1. React JS



React JS


React is known to be standing behind the user interface of many popular websites such as Instagram and Facebook. This proves the efficiency of ReactJS in handling high-magnitude traffic in the application that it is used. Although it is the fastest-growing framework in the field of web development, it is not used to its full potential by developers. The good service of React is only possible because of the usage of virtual DOM which gives a great performance boost when compared to Angular.


2. Inferno JS



Inferno javascript framework features


Inferno is a UI library just like ReactJS that is massively influenced by React. Therefore switching from reacting to Inferno may not be a problem for the react programmers. It is known as the fastest available framework on the JavaScript platform. It comes with its own rooting library and also supports Redux and MobX state management library. The basic function of JavaScript is to make sure the UI of your website looks great and inferno takes care of it perfectly.


3. Vue.JS



Features of Vue js framework for developer


Vue.Js was introduced back in 2016 which had its roots in Ember. It doesn’t use the average virtual DOM implementation. Vue.JS provides optimized re-rendering services that keep track of each component in its reactivity dependencies during the render. It is also compatible with cross-platform development. VueJS basically targets the frontend section of the website that includes some Angular and React.


4. Meteor JS


MeteorJS javascript frameworks


Meteor is an open-source and free framework that implements nodes making it useful for both client-side and server-side. It is fast, interactive, easy to set up, flexible and allows the developer to build real-time UI updates. It is even easy for beginner programmers because it works in one language. It can give the developer flexibility to use one language for both client-side and server-side without changing context between Java/PHP/Python.


5. Node JS



Node js javascript frameworks


NodeJS uses non-blocking, event-driven I/O to keep the code simple, lightweight and efficient. It is a great framework implemented on server-side API. The codes are also reusable and can be used to develop a multi-user application. It is a great framework that can be used for scalable and fast network applications and is capable of handling a lot of concurrent connections.


6. Ember JS




best top javascript frameworks - Top 6 JavaScript Framework That You Should Use Often


Ember is also an open-source JS framework that is compatible with large and small scale web applications. It can also get a bit confusing if not implemented as per the guidelines. But it also has the lightweight attribute that makes it efficient. EmberJS has a two-way data binding just like Angular. In simple words, Ember keeps both view and model in sync at all times.


JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages among developers. It can be put to effective use if proper frameworks are used. The decision of using the perfect framework is not about providing features, it is about what the project requires. All frameworks are better at the services they are providing. Vrinsoft considers the framework that is useful for the project and what will make the web application better.

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