Frequently Asked Questions

The process starts from the moment you contact us with your project requirements. After that, we will analyze your requirements and revert back to you. Depending upon further deliberation, you can choose an engagement model that fits your requirements and after that, we initiate the development process.

The completion time of any web and app assignment is solely based on the client. If you have any timeframe in your mind we will try to complete it for you. The main reason behind the delay of any project is basically due to the unavailability of content from the client-side.

We offer affordable prices for the projects we develop. Most of our projects are well under your budget. Additionally, we also share a passion for improving your business’s online presence.

Certainly, you will have a team of dedicated developers specifically assigned to your project. The developer’s team will work 180 hours in one month on your project. Our IT infrastructure is at your disposal and you can use it to eliminate any kind of work interruption from our side.

Certainly, you have the liberty to select the developers with whom you want to be working on your project. We will send you the resumes of our nominated developers and send them to you. And then you can select the people you want for your project.

You can hire as many developers as you want. You can hire the developers depending upon the requirements of your project and if your project happens to have a high level of complexity, then you can even hire an entire team of designers and developers for your respective project.

Native apps are built for a single platform or device. They are built using platforms’ native SDK and development and can utilize several specific features of the device (i.e. speaker, camera, etc.). The Web-apps or web-based apps run within a mobile browser and are basically web pages that resemble the native mobile UI’s look.

Yes, we provide mobile app development services for all major mobile platforms including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Blackberry, and Windows, and you easily hire our developers for developing mobile applications for these platforms.

Yes, we will upload your app free of charge! However, you will have to remunerate some amount charged by the main company.

Yes, we do provide app marketing for mobile applications.

Yes, you may. However, for this, you may have to pay some remuneration.

We certainly do! Our experts have practical experience when it comes to designing responsive websites and can deliver attractive and compelling web designs. However, you need to mention this in your objective before the project actually initiates.

We utilize the standard MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, a UI that separates the representation of information from the information that is accepted from and presented to the user. We do use other frameworks that all depend on the type of project we are developing as well as the client’s demand.

Our website maintenance includes adding new content, new pages, new images to the site, or removing them from the site or anything else you do not want on your website.

We provide 24/7 customer support where you can contact us through e-mail, live chat, or via telephone.

Website and Mobile Development are our fundamental competencies where about 9 years ago, we started out as a web and mobile app development business and today we have developed hundreds of top-notch web and mobile app solutions for clients belonging to different industry verticals.

Our inclination towards signing the NDA and making it mandatory shows our concern about the security of your idea. We have implemented stringent security rules to nullify any possibility of data theft and most importantly our trusted and skilled team that holds a reputation of rectitude and morality.