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Vrinsoft is a web and mobile app development company based in Australia and is dedicated towards the security of customer’s confidential and private information. When you access the Vrinsoft website, you can stay confident about the protection of your confidential information following the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998, the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002, or the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012. Personal Information may only be released under the indemnity of the Act/s.

This Privacy Policy outlines the manner in which your personal information may be gathered, utilized, and released by us. It also specifies the standards established by us to protect your data and rights, the decisions you can make regarding your personal information and the way we aim to protect it. This does not depend upon the medium through which the data may be gathered i.e. it might be gathered over the phone, through face-to-face interaction, through a website or in any other interaction we might have had with you.

As at 11-08-2017, Vrinsoft holds its contract under the Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s) included in the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012. Any kind of personal information we will be gathered and utilized following these principles/practices.

Personal Information

In order to access more information on different pages of the website, visitors need to provide their personal details including name, contact no, and email address (visitors may be asked to provide more details). We gather this personal Information in order to deliver the content that was requested. Personal details will not be passed on to/dealt with any other company. In case that an email address is provided, the email address will be used in accordance with the Spam Act.

When you call or email us for an inquiry; when you have a doubt, suggestion or comment about any one of our service; we may gather your personal information. The personal information gathered by Vrinsoft totally depends on the kind of interaction we have had with you. You can stay rest assured as we only collect that information which is required to properly record and handle the interaction you had with us.

Website Visit Information

For pure analytical reasons and to improve the website performance, the website records the visitor’s details such as the IP address, the time of the visit, the data, the accessed site pages, the search terms used, etc.

You can presume true that no measures will be taken to name the user unless any unlikely situation calls for i.e. a situation where an investigation is necessary and where a security agency has to scrutinize the records of the Internet Service Provider to get hold of these details.


‘Cookies’ are simple computer file made of small pieces of text data which can be stored on the web server, and can be recovered afterward from a user’s computer. They are intended for detecting your browser and not characterizing you individually. Cookies are “persistent” and “session” based. Persistent cookies include an expiry date and get stored on the computer and can be used to track your browsing activities whenever you revisit the issuing website. Session cookies are short-termed cookies; they are only used at the time when you are browsing on your computer and will expire as soon as you close your browser.

Vrinsoft website makes use of persistent cookies where your preferences are recorded as per your usage of the site. This imparts us with data about the inquiry you made – enabling us to identify your browser if you choose to revisit the Vrinsoft website in the future. This, in turn, empowers Vrinsoft to provide suitable information based on your earlier visits. This also helps Vrinsoft in improving the website’s performance as it enables us to comprehend those sections of the site that users found informative.

The data on your hard disk is not interpreted by the cookies on the Vrinsoft. They do not compel your PC to conduct any activities or transmit data via the Internet.

Vrinsoft does not endeavor to link cookies with users’ identities. Our server cannot detect your name or email address, or any other information about your computer through cookies.

Managing Cookies on your Computer

You can configure your computer settings according to your preference of dealing with cookies across the Internet regardless of your default browser settings. You can change your browser settings i.e. to send you a notification about receiving or blocking the cookies on to your hard disk.

On the other hand, if you choose to not receive cookies set by Vrinsoft, it might happen that you do not get to access the site’s information or get a poor display of the web pages.

There is also a setting in your browser, which on enabling can remove the cookies set by this website as soon as you close the browser. As no personal data is retained, it might be impossible to identify you if you choose to revisit our website. Hence, the persistent cookies which are set by Vrinsoft website will eventually work as session cookies.

Opting Out of Mail, Email and Other Forms of Communication

You can unsubscribe from receiving direct mail, email, or any other form of communicative messages in the event that you do not wish to continue receiving them, you can either call us 0390 106 190 or drop us a line 384 keilor road, c/o work tank, Niddrie, 3042, VIC, Australia or unsubscribe via the links provided at the bottom of each email.

On the basis of the relevant regulations, specific conditions and unless otherwise specified, if Vrinsoft believes that certain information might be of use to you, we may utilize your personal details to provide you with such information.

On the contrary, during every interaction, you will have the right and choice to quit the future interactions. We will discontinue sending you any further such information as soon as you notify us for the same.

Unsolicited Personal Information

It might happen that we got hold of your personal information that we did not take any intended measures to gather it – this is termed as “Unsolicited Personal Information.” Assuming that the Privacy Act permits it, we may hold the unsolicited personal information. If not, we will dissolve the information or make sure that is obscured as per the law.


When it comes to transmitting information over the Internet, it does involve many liabilities and thus, you should consider the associated risks on your own as under the stipulation of your information to the Vrinsoft site.

Under the secure transaction provision of Vrinsoft website, whatever data is transmitted between our servers and your computer it is in encrypted form. And because of this encryption, it is impossible for any other user to either view or access it. This provision uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption – an industry standard that is built for secure e-commerce transactions. In order to access these services, your browser must support SSL.

Corresponding to the industry standards, Vrinsoft keeps track of the latest development of security and encryption technologies and upgrades it from time to time.

Access, Modification, and Deletion of Personal Information

Under the secure provision of Vrinsoft website, you are authorized to request access, modification or deletion of your personal information maintained by us. For this, you just have to send an email at and we will permit you the access to your data (given that the reason to access information is rational) and if there are no legit reasons you may not have any kind of access to your data.


You have the right to file a written complaint to, in the event that you think we have infringed on your privacy. On receiving your complaint regarding privacy infringement, our support team will get back to you within 10 days of time period. And if you are disappointed with the results, you report a complaint to the Australian Information Commissioner.

Privacy Policy Amendment

Amendments may be made to this policy from time to time. You may even request a copy (free of cost) of the policy and can find the existing version on our website.

Additional Information

If you need any further information corresponding to the Vrinsoft Privacy Policy, you can contact at

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