Customisation for the Mining Industry


Mining Industry

Mining is a highly profitable industry that is enjoying a tremendous upsurge in demand due to the growing nature of the commodity sector. However, this profitability is itself bringing its own problems, as the teething troubles that this speedy growth brings have their own challenges. With the judicious usage of software development and IT to optimise operations, a huge amount of future technological debt can be avoided, as well as growth be streamlined to the maximum degree.


Current Challenges of the Industry

The environmental regulations that surround mining operations are the biggest current challenge, as both eco conscious consumers as well as protectionist regulations restrict the damage done to ecology

The rapidly growing field is constrained by the speed of human labour and cooperation, a significant bottleneck when compared to a computers speed.

How you can benefit with software

With creative automation and integration with equipment, mining operations can reduce labour requirements, while increasing the scale, efficiency, and speed of operations.

Better data forecasting tools can enable a smoother roadmap of upcoming operations, and help stabilise a previously chaotic schedule, accounting for unexpected occurrences.

With comprehensive information gathering sensors and data analysis, collaboration between departments can be made friction free and easy!

Mining Software development

Web-based app for making the mining services smoother than ever before

Reliable IT solutions for your growth

  • Real-time mining information

    Latest information of mining available on the app

  • Equipment monitoring through app

    Thorough monitoring of required equipment used during procedure

Procedure Management

Managing the whole procedure going-on at the site


Record of daily loading and unloading of the mining

Material Analysis

Precise analysis of the material used at the site

Mining Software Development Experience

Our Software development experience can help you with

Monitoring Sites

Tracking and monitoring mining gleets and equipment remotely, between sites

Sensor Data

Integrate sensor data between systems for overview of excavation, refinement

Managing Equipment

Manage allocating operators and equipment between shifts, reducing downtime

Timesheet Management

Timesheet management, for easily managing timesheets and charting efficiency across months

Procedural Analysis

Charting for Processing and representing data for further analysis