Terms & Conditions

We have established our standards and procedures in a way that we can deliver the best of the industry and make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services. Being a part of the internet community has its perks but we also expect that our clients take some accountability when it comes to doing safe business over the web. As no one actually has any kind of control over the Internet and the activities that happen over the web, we are not responsible for any downtime, complexities or error that a client’s website encounters. Any encroachment of the below-mentioned subject matters can result in legal compliance:

  • The company holds no responsibility for any problem that arises in the Australia’s server network including spamming, hacking or server and hardware breakdown.
  • The company has no right to authenticate or validate any digital software installed by the client or the web host on his/her website and does not hold any kind of responsibility for the same.
  • The client is accountable to manage the entries and the company does not have any kind of authority or control on the complications associated with the domain registration, domain transfer, domain renewal, domain name loss.
  • The client is solely liable for the security of their database, credentials, FTP and domain name.
  • The company holds no responsibility for any risks involved with web hosting and expects that the client also understands the associated complexities for the same.
  • The client is required to make use of the third party payment modes like cheque or demand draft.
  • In the event that you are making use of any commercially available software or media on your website, we have complete authority to terminate your service at any point of your contract term.

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