You know how businesses are always looking for talented developers to create excellent solutions for their operations? It’s no surprise, really.  

Dedicated software developers are like rare birds, and companies can’t get enough of them. But here is the thing, even with millions of software developers out there, finding the right ones can be quite a challenge.  

According to a recent report by Ernst & Young, 81% of organisations worldwide admit to facing a shortage of tech skills in developers.  

Only 19% have set up a skill taxonomy, and around 43% have done some skill benchmarking at the employee level.  

Now let’s talk in numbers. There are over 26 million people in the global tech talent pool. About 65% are in software engineering roles, followed by 27% in IT roles and 8% in business app-related roles.  

So, what does all this mean? It means businesses are in fierce competition to work with a dedicated development team. But does working with such a team really solve the problem? Are there any advantages to it?  

These are probably some of the questions running through your mind right now.  

Well, guess what? This blog is just what you need! We’ll be diving into what a dedicated software development team in Australia is and some key factors to consider before approaching a software development team.  

Let’s dive in!

Overview of the Dedicated Software Development Team

A dedicated software development team designs application development plans for any firm in cooperation with the business owners.  

It plans, develops, and implements software projects and provides comprehensive solutions to the company’s software requirements.  

The team includes all the professionals necessary for an entire software development team.  

A dedicated development team model in software development refers to a long-term engagement between a firm (that outsources software development) and a software service provider (a dedicated development team).  

The software development team structure exclusively caters to your needs, much like an in-house development team. However, you are not required to handle administrative, HR, or other concerns with the developers. 

When Do You Need a Dedicated Software Development Team?

Custom software development teams can be useful and capable of genuinely changing things in various situations.  

Here are some scenarios you could find relevant to your app development

1. A new venture that has to quickly create a product from Scratch

The Dedicated team model might be helpful if you’re building your first MVP and need skilled professionals.  

With a dedicated staff, you won’t have to spend extra money on recruiting, renting an office, or purchasing additional equipment, as you would with your in-house software development department.  

If you pick the dedicated team strategy, you will only pay for what you require, which is ideal for a startup atmosphere.  

2. A startup IT business in need of further knowledge

In this case, the dedicated team model can rapidly expand your development skills with more professionals, allowing a new tech firm to gain clients and begin operations.  

You will pay for your specialised staff just when you utilise its services, much like a startup, and you will save on recruitment or infrastructure costs.

3. An IT firm working on a large project

It is common for firms collaborating with multiple IT companies to experience dynamic changes in their plans.  

For software firms or organizations developing products with additional labour requirements, the dedicated team model may not be the most effective option.  

It can help you make more money and acquire better contracts from your software vendor.  

In this circumstance, speed is critical; thus, assembling a specialised team of engineers is an excellent option.

4. An organisation in need of implementing modern technologies

Any firm may find itself in a scenario where its present tech competence no longer meets its business demands or when they wish to enter new sectors.  

Adding a specialised staff to the mix will fix this problem and supply as many IT professionals in the new industry as needed.  

This method will provide you access to the worldwide talent pool, allowing you to construct a dedicated team of engineers who are not available locally.  

What Makes a Good Software Development Team?

SaaS Software

Communication Skills

Excellent teams communicate effectively. They keep people updated with the least amount of effort.  

Team members understand what they need to accomplish and believe in why they are doing it. These teams provide open, safe settings where people can freely share their thoughts and concerns.  

Great teams do not spend time with superfluous communication and meetings. They are looking for more effective methods to communicate and keep talks on track.  

Common Objectives

A clear set of attainable goals is essential for every team. Before moving on, ensure everyone understands what they are striving for and why. Without it, they will lose their direction and become demotivated.  

Great teams foster a feeling of shared responsibility in addition to goals.  

Everyone in a team believes in the team’s common mission. If the team succeeds, it is a victory for everyone. If they don’t, they work together to find a solution.  

A Vibrant Culture

Another quality shared by outstanding teams is a strong culture. They frequently establish their rituals, nicknames, and terminology.  

This brings them closer together and makes them more effective as a group. It also makes going to work more enjoyable, which raises morale.  

Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities

While they share shared aims, members of effective teams have clearly defined individual duties.  

They have faith in one another to contribute to getting things done. They hold each other accountable for keeping promises.  

This precise demarcation of roles extends to leadership. They understand who is ultimately responsible for technical, design, or product choices. 


Great teams require the flexibility to experiment and discover their way.  

They need the time and space to build their internal processes and culture. Too much top-down corporate control can make this impossible.  

Strong teams are frequently self-contained groupings. Team members share the majority of the skills required to produce their goods.  

This implies individuals can complete tasks without relying on other resources. This freedom enables them to move swiftly while remaining focused.  

Structure of a Dedicated Software Development Team

Structure of a Dedicated Software Development Team

Major positions in a software development team structure include:  

Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees planning and execution, managing all procedures, distributing duties among software developers in a team, and interacting with the customer.  

Business Analysts

Business Analysts oversee analysing and documenting the client company’s business processes, as well as gathering and refining the requirements for the solution to be produced.  

UI/UX Designers

Designers are responsible for how the product appears and how people interact with it.  

Software Developers

They perform the actual hard lifting by writing code. Front-end engineers work on the parts of the product that customers see, and back-end engineers work on the parts that consumers don’t see.  

Quality Assurance Engineers

They test the product to ensure it fulfils the specifications.  

How Do You Assess a Software Development Team?

Bugs Per Month

It is crucial to review the list of identified bugs within the month and take note of the date each bug was reported.  

This will determine if any issues were caught too late, potentially resulting in the release of faulty software to customers.  

Velocity Per Month

To maintain a consistent pace and verify the team’s productivity and deliverability, it is crucial to track the number of story points they complete in a month.  

This is a reliable way to ensure their performance meets expectations.  

Delivery Ratio

A ratio below 60% clearly indicates inadequate team planning or significant obstacles that demand immediate attention.  

Bug Time to Fix (days/month)

The metric measures the team’s average days to resolve 50% of reported bugs.  

It is imperative to ensure that unusual data do not influence the “Time to Fix” KPI, and this metric provides more precise insights.  

Things to Know Before Approaching a Software Development Team

1. Clear Your Expectations

  • Determine your company’s needs and discuss your objectives with your team members.  
  • Identify any key flaws in your current software development cycle.  
  • Look for a group that can assist you in resolving the issues.  
  • Make a plan that will guide your company to success.  

2. Determine the Services You Require

Before looking for a team, decide if you want to outsource or staff it.  

  • When you outsource a team, you entrust the whole project to the team.  
  • In contrast, if you outsource, you engage a developer to work on the task you offer them.  

If you want to outsource a firm, determine which outsourcing is appropriate. There are four forms of outsourcing: onshore, offshore, nearshore, and hybrid.  

Depending on your budget and requirements, you may pick one of these options to maintain the staff on-site or offshore.  

3. Examine the Outsourcing Country

This is a crucial consideration when planning to outsource the software development team. Consider two criteria when outsourcing software development services: IT market development and cost.  

Ukraine, India, Brazil, China, Mexico, and the Philippines are the finest places to outsource software development services.  

4. Team Experience

Another element to consider while looking for a software development team is their experience.  

  • Examine the portfolios of all eligible candidates and shortlist them based on their experience and credibility.  
  • Check to see whether they have worked on a comparable project in the past.  
  • Find out whether the team has previously handled any challenging projects and what the outcomes were.

5. Plan Your Budget

Your budget is one of the most crucial elements to consider when approaching a software development team.  

A good bargain is one in which your ROI exceeds your investment. Examine the proposals of the possibilities and shortlist the ones that meet your budget.   

Don’t forget to look at the hidden expenditures as well, several software development companies charge extra for document management, maintenance, and other services that they should not.  

6. Sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Intellectual property and sensitive information must be protected in 2023. Regarding outsourcing relationships, two significant issues are trust and security.  

To ensure this is not a problem, evaluate your IT provider’s intellectual property rules and NDAs before beginning the development process.  

7. Obtain a Detailed and Clear Contract

The contract you sign must provide a detailed description of the development rates, including specific breakdowns based on   

  • Required knowledge  
  • Possible price cuts  
  • Payment and invoicing procedures  
  • Credit terms and restrictions  
  • Warranty conditions and terms.  

8. After-Sales Support

It is irrational to say goodbye to developers after your project ends because every software needs constant updates.  

Even a simple software programme requires upkeep to stay current. Consider the software development team’s after-sales services before employing them.  

Queries to Pose Before Working with a Software Development Team

Q: What is their previous experience?  

One of the most significant factors to consider when contacting a software development team is their experience.  

Enquire about their prior projects, the type of software they have created, and their previous customer experience.  

This will assist you to assess their competence and evaluate whether they have the requisite abilities and experience to undertake your project.  

Q: What is their software development process?  

Another important thing to consider when selecting a software development team is their software development methodology.  

Enquire about their development process, the tools and technologies they employ, and how they handle modifications and amendments to the project plan. 

Understanding their method might help you better understand how they function and whether they are a suitable fit for your needs. 

Q: Are they willing to provide references?  

When looking for a software development team, asking for recommendations is usually a good idea. This will allow you to chat directly with previous clients and get a sense of what it is like to work with them.  

Enquire with the references about their experience working with the team, whether they were satisfied with the final result, and whether they would suggest the team to others.  

Q: What is their project management strategy?  

The success of every software development depends on project management.  

Enquire about the team’s project management technique, how they resolve challenges and blockages, and how they keep in touch with customers during the project.  

Q: How do they manage testing and quality assurance?  

Testing and quality assurance are essential components of every software development process.  

You should engage with a team that takes testing and quality assurance seriously and has a well-defined procedure to guarantee that your project is thoroughly tested and fulfils all relevant quality standards.  

Q: What is their pricing policy?  

Finally, evaluate the expense of employing a dedicated software development team.  

You should deal with a team that provides a fair and transparent price structure that allows you to understand precisely what you are paying for and the total cost.  

Enquire about the team’s price structure, what it comprises, and their payment conditions.  

To Sum Up

No matter the size of your company, opting for a dedicated software development team is the perfect choice for building your software project.  

A competent and experienced software development team structure can assist you in implementing innovative technologies in your business.  

But it is also true that finding top developers is difficult.  

So, when approaching a dedicated software development team, Vrinsoft Technology Pty Ltd stands out as a reliable and proficient choice.  

Our seasoned developers streamlined development processes, and client-centric approach make us an ideal partner for transforming your vision into reality.   

So why wait?  

Collaborate with our dedicated developers today for a seamless and successful software development journey.  

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