You know how businesses are always looking for talented developers to create excellent solutions for their operations? It’s no surprise, really.  

Dedicated software developers are like rare birds, and companies can’t get enough of them. But here is the thing, even with millions of software developers out there, finding the right ones can be quite a challenge.  

According to a recent report by Ernst & Young, 81% of organisations worldwide admit to facing a shortage of tech skills in developers.  

Only 19% have set up a skill taxonomy, and around 43% have done some skill benchmarking at the employee level.  

Now let’s talk in numbers. There are over 26 million people in the global tech talent pool. About 65% are in software engineering roles, followed by 27% in IT roles and 8% in business app-related roles.  

So, what does all this mean? It means businesses are in fierce competition to work with a dedicated development team. But does working with such a team really solve the problem? Are there any advantages to it?  

These are probably some of the questions running through your mind right now.  

Well, guess what? This blog is just what you need! We’ll be diving into what a dedicated software development team in Australia is and some key factors to consider before approaching a software development team.  

Let’s dive in!

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