The way businesses operate is changing as a result of digitization. Before ever considering doing business with a company, clients always check out their official website. According to a survey, it is believed that internet users will only endorse a company whose UX/UI is well-designed. Therefore, a dedicated and user-friendly UX design is crucial for every organization.  

Small and medium-sized firms, however, have reservations about the expenditures associated with developing an effective website. To aid with acquiring a user-friendly website, we will assess all the terms and factors about website prices. You can also inquire about the price of creating a website and the main elements influencing UI/UX design costs.  

How much time it takes to make a website or an app?

Developing a software product or website users desire to use is called UX/UI. It’s not only about how it appears but also how simple it is to use and comprehend. Before a feature goes live, UX designers will do research, determine what consumers require, and test the quality.  

Mobile applications and websites are the two main products that a software development business typically concentrates on. A mobile app’s and website’s complexity, features, functionality, size, and platform affect how quickly they can be created.  

The development of a mobile app has a distinct procedure, making it difficult to anticipate the schedule for mobile UX design, despite the ease with which we can do so for websites. Some mobile applications need complex wireframes, while others are simpler and need essential planning.

The time it typically takes to construct a website is shown below:

  • Landing Page   

Design: 30-40 hrs, development: 30-40 hrs  

  • Formal business website  

Design: 100- 120 hrs, development: 150- 200 hrs  

  • Simple/static website  

Design: 80-90 hrs, development: 100- 150 hrs   

  • Average website   

Design: 200-300 hrs, development: 300-500 hrs  

The intricacy of the website is a crucial aspect that affects the development schedule. Typically, creating an essential website takes less time than a complicated one.  

The UX UI cost is closely related to it as well. The cost of UX UI design will be lower if the website is less complex, but it will cost more and take longer if the website is sophisticated.  

Factors Influencing UX/UI Design and Cost


One of the most crucial elements that affect the UX UI design time and cost is the purpose of the website or app being created. For instance, you must build your website according to SEO best practices to develop a website to market your product using a mobile app development company. However, if you establish an instructive webpage, you may apply its design more quickly.

Members of the Team

The website design cost is influenced by the number of team members participating. A bespoke web development business deploys its team to design and construct a website:  

  • UX/UI Designers  
  • Team Leaders   
  • Project Managers 
  • Graphic designers  
  • Front-end programmers  
  • QAs and backend developers

Idea Complexity

Since everything depends on the concept, idea generation is one of the crucial tasks you must complete before carrying out the other phases of website design and development.  

The level of complexity as a whole depends on variables like:  

  • More features   
  • The number of roles played  
  • If a website is enormous, there is a limited likelihood that it will get more sophisticated.

Number of Characteristics

Several aspects also significantly influence the price and duration of the UX UI design process. An utterly compelling website must include a variety of functions, including user registration, profile building, the ability to schedule services or place orders, payment methods, and many more.

Cost Depending on the Complexity

  • Simple app design: $3000  
  • Average app design: $12,000  
  • Complex app design: $30,000  

Cost Depending on the Location

  • South Asia: $6000  
  • Western Europe: $28,000  
  • Eastern Europe: $12,000  
  • Australia: $36,000  
  • US: $48,000  
  • UK: $40,000  

Each feature has a different cost, which is added together to create the total cost. From the design standpoint, it also takes time to synchronize with the design, which may increase or decrease the design depending on its nature.  

All these variables determine the duration and expense of the UX UI design. To develop a website, it is advisable to engage web designers from reputable companies who guarantee the best pricing and optimum turnaround time. If you’re wondering what the best strategy is for having a great plan, read on.

The Cost of UX/UI Design

Depending on the organization’s requirements and size, the price of developing a website or app for them might change. Hiring web designers who work on projects as needed may be less expensive than attempting to recruit professional developers.  

Get quotations from many businesses before choosing one to deal with, as you should with most things. Some businesses bill by the hour, while others base their fees on the scope of your job.  

Additionally, it would be best to inquire about their rate per person/hour so that you know the level of commitment you are accepting and can choose whether you can pay for them.  

The location of the UX UI design company also affects the design’s price. According to market trends, it is as follows:  

  • India: $20-$50 per hour  
  • Australia: $90-$120 per hour  
  • Europe: $100-$120 per hour  
  • UK: $120-$150 per hour  
  • USA: $150-$180 per hour  

Final Words

Every app or website has to have a good UX and UI to provide the most excellent user experience and engage users with the brand. On the other hand, knowing the UX and UI design market rate would be beneficial if you were preparing to start a new website.  

However, as demand for these services grows, we may anticipate further growth in the price of UX UI design. It is recommended to speak with a UX UI design business or a subject matter expert with extensive expertise if you want a precise estimate of the cost of your project.  

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