The food delivery app development industry in Australia has seen a major shift in recent years, thanks to the rise of technology and startups.

With the integration of innovative technology, startups are now able to create custom food delivery apps in Melbourne which has led to phenomenal growth in the food delivery industry.

As the best food delivery company in Melbourne, we have prepared this comprehensive guide which aims to provide essential insights into developing a robust, user-centric online food delivery application.

By exploring the latest trends, technological advancements, and crucial strategies, this guide seeks to equip startups with the knowledge and tools they need to create a compelling and competitive food delivery app for your business in Australia 2024.


What is Food Delivery App Development?

Food delivery mobile app development is the process of creating applications that allow users to order food from restaurants and get it delivered to their doorstep.

These apps are designed to provide a seamless and convenient experience, enabling customers to browse through various restaurant menus, select dishes, customize orders, and make secure payments, all within the app.

Food delivery apps usually include:

  • A user-friendly interface for customers.
  • A platform for restaurants to manage orders.
  • A delivery system that ensures the timely and efficient delivery of the ordered food.

The food delivery app development process involves creating intuitive designs, integrating payment gateways, implementing order tracking features, and optimizing the app for various devices and operating systems to offer a smooth, hassle-free food ordering experience.

Current Market Scenario: Food Delivery App Development 2024

Food Delivery App Development statistic

  • The global online food delivery market is expected to reach $154 billion by 2024, with a projected growth rate of 19.88% from 2024 to 2027.
  • User penetration in the meal delivery segment reached 25.2% in 2023, highlighting the growing adoption.
  • 63% of individuals globally have used a food delivery app.
  • Food delivery revenue growth is expected to be 12.33% annually from 2023 to 2027, indicating sustained demand.

Why Is On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Important for Businesses in 2024?

Here are 6 compelling reasons why developing on-demand food delivery apps in Melbourne is an investment worth making:


Expanded Customer Reach and Market Penetration

On-demand food delivery apps with IoT app development are great for businesses to expand their customer base beyond their physical locations.

By offering top food delivery services, businesses can reach a wider audience and tap into new markets.

Better Accessibility and Convenience 

Convenience is a significant factor driving the popularity of takeaway delivery apps. Customers now have the ability to order food from multiple restaurants at their fingertips.

This improved customer experience can increase brand loyalty and positive reviews, boosting the reputation of food ordering companies.

Increased Revenue Streams

A top food delivery app diversifies revenue streams for restaurants and food businesses. In addition to dine-in services, takeaways, and catering, online delivery can generate additional income.

Food delivery app development solutions along with wearable app development opens up opportunities for upselling, promoting deals, and offering exclusive offers to customers.

Data-Driven Insights and Analytics

Food delivery companies in Sydney provide businesses with valuable data insights through analytics. This data can be used to understand customer preferences, order patterns, peak times, and popular menu items.

This information can help businesses make informed decisions, refine marketing strategies, and optimize operations for efficiency.

Competitive Edge and Brand Visibility 

A user-friendly and efficient food delivery application can set a business apart in a highly competitive market.

A well-designed app to get food delivered can enhance brand visibility and improve brand perception, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Adapting to Changing Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour is rapidly changing, significantly shifting towards online shopping and digital experiences.

The best food delivery app aligns with this trend and shows that a business is responsive to changing consumer preferences, remaining relevant and competitive in the market.

Key Benefits of Developing a Food Delivery Application

Food ordering apps in Australia have revolutionized how we eat, offering a win-win situation for businesses and customers.

Let’s delve into the key benefits of developing a food delivery app:

Key Benefits of Developing a Food Delivery Application

Benefits for Businesses

A food delivery application allows restaurants to expand their reach beyond their physical location, attracting more customers who prefer the convenience of ordering food online.

These apps along with mobile app development services provide an opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers directly through personalized updates, offers, and promotions. By doing so, restaurants can build a stronger relationship with their customers.

Moreover, delivery platforms for restaurants collect valuable data on customer preferences, ordering habits, and feedback, which businesses can analyse to make informed decisions, refine menus, and tailor marketing strategies. This helps restaurants to provide a better experience for their customers.

In addition, the best online food order app offers a cost-effective channel for marketing and advertising. Restaurants can utilize push notifications, loyalty programs, and targeted promotions to attract new customers and retain existing ones without incurring the expenses of traditional marketing methods.

Finally, with a food delivery app, businesses can tap into additional revenue streams beyond dine-in customers, catering to the growing demand for online food ordering and delivery. This can help restaurants to increase their revenue and expand their customer base.

Benefits for Customers 

A top rated food delivery app provides a convenient platform for customers to explore various cuisines and restaurants in one place. Before making a decision, users can access menus, prices, and reviews to help them choose the best option.

The tracking feature in these apps allows customers to monitor their orders in real-time, providing regular updates on order status, which enhances transparency and reliability.

Food delivery app development solutions often personalise recommendations based on customers’ previous orders, preferences, and location. This feature offers tailored experiences to users, making their food ordering experience more enjoyable.

By removing the need to travel to a restaurant or wait in long lines, the best online food app help users save valuable time. They can relax at home or continue with their activities while they wait for their meal to arrive.

After each order, customers can provide feedback and ratings, impacting future decisions while helping restaurants improve their food delivery services based on user suggestions.

Food Delivery App Development: A Step-by-Step Process 2024

Taking a systematic approach to on-demand food delivery app development services can help you achieve good results.

Here are the steps you can take to build a food delivery app for your business that stands out in this highly competitive market:

Market Research and Analysis

Conduct extensive market research to identify your target demographics, their preferences, and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Analyse trends, user behaviour, and market gaps to shape your app’s unique selling propositions (USPs).

Conceptualization and Planning

Define the app’s objectives, functionalities, and features based on the research findings. Create a detailed project plan that includes designing, developing, testing, and deploying the app.

This phase involves wireframing and prototyping the app’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Choosing the Right Tech Stack

Choose appropriate technologies and frameworks based on your app’s requirements.  

Select the right platform (iOS, Android, or both), backend infrastructure, database, and third-party integrations to ensure scalability, security, and performance. 

UI/UX Design 

Craft an intuitive and visually appealing interface to enhance user engagement. Prioritize ease of navigation, seamless order placement, and an attractive design that aligns with your brand identity.

Conduct usability testing and iterate on designs for optimal user experience.

Mobile App Development

Employ agile methodologies for the development phase. Implement front-end and backend functionalities, integrating features such as user registration, restaurant listing, menu browsing, order processing, payment gateways, real-time tracking, and push notifications.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Thoroughly test the app across various devices, operating systems, and scenarios to ensure functionality, security, and performance.

Conduct rigorous testing for usability, load handling, security vulnerabilities, and compatibility to fix bugs and refine the app.

Launch and Deployment 

Prepare for the app launch by creating marketing strategies, establishing restaurant partnerships, and finalizing logistics.

Deploy the app on app stores (Google Play Store, Apple App Store) following their guidelines and optimize its metadata for visibility.

Support and Maintenance

Continuously monitor app performance, gather user feedback, and implement updates to enhance functionality and address any issues.

Offer prompt customer support to ensure a seamless user experience and keep the app competitive in the market.

On-demand Food Delivery App Development: Must Have Features to Include in a Food Delivery Application

To be more specific, the concept of on-demand food ordering app development is extremely wide. Unless you are aware of certain aspects, the mobile app development process will encounter certain forms of errors.

So, here are some ideas for developing the most popular food delivery app:

Features For Customers

The restaurant delivery app should have a search bar and relevant filters to help users find bars, restaurants, and cuisines based on location. The search filters should be curated based on varied restaurants, cuisines, and dishes.

The app for takeaway food should also have accessible order placement features that allow users to place their orders with a few simple taps on the device’s screen. The best app to order food online should have intuitive navigation, allowing even first-time users to order food easily.

Customers should be able to choose their favourite dish and complete the ordering process efficiently. Real-time tracking with custom software development should be included to maintain transparency and keep customers informed about the precise time when their food will arrive.

Payment gateways should be integrated with the app, allowing users to pay using debit/credit cards, wallets, Net Banking, and other payment options. Including multiple payment options will make the app more popular. The best food delivery apps also allow users to check the availability of tables in their favourite eateries. This optional feature can be included to make the app more user-friendly.

Finally, customers should be able to provide ratings and reviews to help app developers improve their service. Feedback is essential to be aware of the response of your food delivery application.

Features For Delivery Agents

The food delivery app needs to provide a signup and login option for delivery agents. This function should allow them to sign up quickly through popular social media networks such as Google and Facebook.

The login procedure should be simple and hassle-free for the agents. Delivery agents should be able to maintain their profile on the restaurant delivery app, which includes their photos, names, and contact numbers.

Additionally, the app should send notifications to alert agents of new orders. Agents must receive push notifications for new orders, even when the online food app is not running in the background.

The app should also help agents manage multiple food deliveries simultaneously and respond to various requests during peak hours. These situations typically occur during national holidays or weekends.

GPS is another essential feature that should be added to the app. Delivery agents should be able to select the shortest and fastest routes to reach their destination if they are in a hurry to deliver food items.

The users should also receive notification prompts when the delivery agent picks up their order from the restaurant, as it is one of the ways to deliver it.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Food Delivery App in Melbourne, Australia?

The overall cost of developing an on-demand restaurant delivery app in Australia varies based on multiple factors. These factors include the number of features required, the complexity of mobile app development, third-party integrations, the proper mobile app development process, and other similar aspects.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the other factors that affect the cost: –

  • App Features and Functionalities
  • Project Analysis and Scope Statement
  • UI/UX Development
  • App Platforms
  • App Deployment
  • App Maintenance
  • App Security
  • App Development Team

Wrapping Up

If you want to build an on-demand food delivery app as a business owner, you must conduct extensive market research, get industry knowledge, and set a reasonable budget.

As a leading online food delivery app development company in Sydney, Australia, we’ve included on-demand food delivery features, advantages, steps, and technologies in this guide to help you create the best rated food delivery app.

So, before developing a feature-rich food delivery app, it’s critical to understand which food delivery industry you intend to target, the problems/challenges to be overcome, and your end aim.

Why Choose Vrinsoft Pty Ltd For On Demand Food Delivery Application Development

Vrinsoft Pty Ltd is the top custom mobile app development company in melbourne, Australia that provides end-to-end food delivery app development services along with taxi, hotel booking app development solutions.

Our team of experienced developers can assist businesses of all sizes in developing custom mobile apps from concept to design, development, deployment, and growth marketing.

If you are planning to create a restaurant delivery app and want to understand the development process, feel free to contact the best food delivery app development company in Melbourne Australia.

Our experts are always available to answer your questions and provide you with the best mobile app development services.

Contact us today to discuss your app idea and let your business reach new heights.

FAQs on Food Delivery App Development

How can I develop my own food delivery application?

To develop a food delivery app for your business in Australia, it’s important to research the target market, identify key features, and hire a skilled food delivery app development company.

What is the cost to build a food delivery app in Sydney, Australia?

The average cost to develop a food delivery app in Sydney, Australia, is: 

App Complexity  Cost Range (AUD) 
Basic  $10,000 – $20,000 
Medium  $20,000 – $50,000 
Advanced  $50,000+ 

Which is the best technology stack to create a food delivery application?

The right technology stack to build a food delivery app in Melbourne, Australia is depicted below: 

Components  Languages 
Front-end  React Native, Flutter, Native development (iOS: Swift, Android: Kotlin/Java) 
Back-end  Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel 
Database  MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB 
Cloud Storage  AWS, Google Cloud, Azure 
Payment Integration  Stripe, PayPal, Other relevant APIs 

How long does it take to build a food delivery application?

The development time for a top rated food delivery app can vary depending on its complexity. With Vrinsoft, a top food delivery application development company in Sydney, Australia an app with basic features can take 3-4 months to develop. A medium-level app with added functionalities might need 4-6 months. Developing an advanced app with intricate features like AI-based recommendations could take 6-12 months or more.

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